Your Itinerary

Day One

Thousands of you will arrive at different campus’ across the UK with the rest of your team, all hyped and ready for the best week of your lives! Meet your SportsVest Rep who will look after your team along the journey and seatbelts on… because tour starts here! You are about to embark on a week of… yes we will let you fill in the gaps!

Day Two
Boom! You have arrived

BOOM – You have arrived at the heart of this year’s sports tour. Fazana will play home to you and your team mates for a week of fun and frolics. Check in – check! Dump luggage – check! Pick up your official SV Vest – check! Scope out the resort – check! The party really starts here – with our exclusive resort we really have pulled out all the stops for our venues, bars, huge pools and sports facilities. Check out our club, the Terrace Bar and of course the SV Arena, along with the other few thousand hardcore SportsVest tourers! Event better, we let the SV love flow through and keep you all together in the official and exclusive SV party zone!

Day Three
Sports Day!

Grab your kit and grab your team mates (if you can find them – wink, wink!) and head to our various exclusive SV sports facilities including the ones we already have on site. If you are not in the mood for your own sport why not try something new? If you thought night one was big, it just got a whole lot bigger… Introducing SportsVest’s Headline Act… – explore our many bars and venues and see what else “we have to offer”

Day Four
Pool Party!

It’s time to don the speedos and throw on your liveliest bikini as today is pool party day. After it’s massive success in Spain it would be rude not bring one of the best parts of SV to Croatia. This is  not to be missed. This year we are taking the pool party to the next level… games, foam canons, inflatables, fizz, it is going to go off! You thought the past two nights were big well tonight is only going to get better….

Day Five
It’s Your Day Off!

It’s your day off – there is no sport planned…unless you want to use the on site sport facilities the resort boasts of course! Take advantage of the Boat Party or the Pula day trip, home to the local amphitheatre and where both Dimensions & Outlook Festival were born! It’s the final night – so it’s going to be a big one, your last chance to tour in style for another year… Let’s go out in style… the last night will blow your mind and most likely our venue sound system!

Day Six
Check Out!

Don’t cry, we don’t like it when you cry! Check your rooms are of the appropriate standard and check out of your SV home for another year. Fear not it isn’t goodbye, it’s so long… we will see you next year.

Day Seven
You have arrived home

You arrive back at your university campus after reminiscing over the last week at SportsVest… I think it’s about time you check Facebook as we all know what goes on tour, goes on Facebook… Because nothing beats playing away!